Radio Plays

Radio airplay promotions are an excellent way to hear your music from potential fans and industry professionals. When you partner with us, we can help you find a reputable radio station to promote your music to its listeners, leading to increased album sales and gig opportunities.

The cost of hiring a radio station to promote your music is usually based on how many plays they can get you on the air and how many times those plays will be played throughout the day or week.

Pricing Radio plays  Promotion

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DJ musician

How Does Radio Air-Play Work?

The idea behind airplay is that listeners will hear a new song and decide whether or not they like it enough to buy the album when it comes out. If they do, then there’s a chance that the artist may make money from album sales.

Radio stations have limited time slots for songs to be played, so labels often make deals with stations in advance to ensure that certain songs will be played during certain times of day or days of the week. This can be an expensive proposition, but it’s one that labels are willing to pay if they think they’ll see some return on investment later on down the road.

The fact is that most people don’t buy records anymore; they stream music online through services like Spotify instead. This has led labels to rely less on radio airplay than they once did. However, plenty of bands still rely heavily on getting their music heard over the airwaves before releasing anything digitally.

Radio Plays Promotion Packs


Basic Pack

The Basic Pack provides you with radio plays for seven days. You will also receive a review of your music from our team to help you improve it. This pack starts at $50

Bronze Pack

This is an excellent package for anyone who wants to promote a show in the short term. It includes plays on the radio and 15 days of promo. It’s perfect for those who want to get their show out there but don’t have the budget for more extensive promotion. This pack starts at $50

Platinum Pack

Promote your radio play to over 1,000 stations with this promotional pack. The plays can be used for 30 days from the purchase date. This pack is available for both streaming and non-streaming stations. This pack starts at $150

Radio DJ Promotion


Radio DJs are the best way to promote your brand. We work with radio stations worldwide to help you find the right DJ for your product, service, or event.

DJs can uniquely connect with and engage their listeners in a way that few other forms of promotion can match. They’re also an excellent source of content on social media as they reach thousands of people at once with each show they broadcast.

Our network includes radio stations in over 200 countries worldwide, so we can help you find a DJ who will be relevant to your target audience wherever they are.

Is Radio Air-Play Legit?

Yes! The radio airplay is legit. And it’s not just crucial for artists who want to make money it’s also essential for artists who want exposure and recognition. If you’ve got an album or an EP you’d like people to hear, then getting on the radio can help increase sales and awareness of your music.