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Real and Premium Spotify Promotion

Spotify is an incredible platform to promote your music – and to earn money. The service has over 50 million paying users and a larger number of free users, making it the biggest player in the music streaming industry. However, when getting into Spotify promotion, you might get frustrated because of its complex nature. So let us help you with that.


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What is Spotify Promotion?

Spotify promotion is a form of advertising where you can promote your music on Spotify, which helps you get more Spotify followers on your account and increase your sales.

Spotify is among the biggest music streaming services available today and has over 70 million paid users worldwide. It allows users to create playlists, share them with friends and family, and listen to music on their phones, laptops, or desktop computers. Spotify is unique because it lets you listen to any song in its database.

Real Spotify Promotion Premium Spotify Promotion

We have exclusive packages for our clients, which can help you reach new audiences and fans on Spotify.

Our Spotify promotion package includes the following:

Audience Reach

Our Silver package is perfect for artists who have just started their careers and don’t have many fans yet. In this package, we will promote your track or playlist to our network of over 5,000 active Spotify users who listen to similar music as yours. This will allow you to reach an audience that isn’t yet familiar with your music but may be interested in hearing it.

Premium plays

if you need more plays than our standard package can offer, you can order as many as you like from us anytime. We guarantee 100% premium plays, meaning that all of our plays come from real users who have opted to listen to promoted songs.

Enhanced Distribution

With this package, we will distribute your track to music blogs, magazines, Spotify playlists, and more. We have a large network of contacts in the industry, so this package can get you in front of thousands of people who would otherwise never hear about you or your band. We can even get you onto radio stations around the world.

Playlist Domination

We’ve helped hundreds of artists get their songs onto high-traffic playlists with millions of followers across the globe.

We’ll work directly with you and your music team to set up an account on our platform and create an eye-catching campaign that includes all the necessary materials for playlist curators to review your song and add it to their curated list.

High Quality

We are the best paid Spotify Promotion and have a great way to get your music heard. We can create high-quality Spotify playlists that will help you promote your music on Spotify. You will get more downloads, streams, and followers for your music by working with us!

We have created thousands of Spotify playlists over the years and are confident we can help you.

Better Ranking

In the Silver Package, we will submit your music to Spotify’s Top 10 charts and put your song on the top of our playlists. This promotion will help you fill your spots for shows and increase ticket sales.

Zero-Bot Tolerance

The Zero-Bot Tolerance feature allows you to control the number of times a song can be skipped before it gets muted. You can set the tolerance to zero or any other number between 1 and 10.

The default setting is 5, which means that if users skip your songs more than five times, they will be muted for 30 seconds and then return to their original state. Once the track has been played more than once, it will not be muted again unless another skip occurs.

Spotify Playlist Types

Spotify playlists can be a great way to discover new music. We can create playlists on Spotify based on your mood, activity, or genre of music.

Spotify has many playlists created by other users that you can search for and add to your library. If you’re looking for something specific, like the top songs of the week, there’s a good chance it will be available in Spotify’s extensive catalog. Below are some of the most common types of playlists:

Top Songs – Lists the most popular songs on Spotify at any given time.

New Releases: Lists new releases from artists you follow or other famous artists.

Discovery Weekly: A playlist based on what you’ve listened to recently so that you can find more music like it.

Release Radar – A combination of New Releases and Discovery Weekly recommendations.

Fresh Finds Your mix of recently added tracks from artists whose music you’ve recently played or liked.

How does Spotify promotion work?


The promotion process on Spotify is relatively simple. We can promote your music through the free or paid tiers, which allow us to target specific countries, regions, and cities. The main difference is that paid promotion allows for greater targeting options and includes a more in-depth analytics dashboard.

To get started with either service, you’ll need to fill out some basic details about your music, including the release date and other information related to its distribution on Spotify. Once this is done, we’ll be able to choose an audience that suits your needs — whether you want to reach listeners in a particular country or city or target specific genres and demographics.

Once you’ve selected your audience and entered some basic information about your track(s) (including genre and length), Spotify will assign it a category based on its musical style and target listeners who might be interested in hearing it. This helps them focus on reaching people who want to listen to their music.

How to Get Spotify Followers for Free


Have you ever wondered how to get Spotify followers? It is crucial to have a large following if you are an aspiring artist. This will allow you to share your music and make money from it.

There are many ways in which we can increase your Spotify followers.

Posting new content regularly is one of the best ways to gain more followers on Spotify. We will post at least one song or video every day so that people can see what types of content you post and decide if they want to follow you or not.

Post something unique, so people will remember what type of content you post on your page. For example, if your page has many covers, we will post a cover with another artist or band who is not covered very often, as this will attract more attention from people who like their music and those who don’t know who they are yet.



Spotify promotion is a great way to get your music out there. It’s easy to get started, and it’s free. But to boost your exposure and find new fans, you’ll need some help. We can help you promote your music on Spotify with our proven strategies and techniques that have worked for thousands of artists like you. We will create a custom campaign explicitly designed around your goals, whether they be sales-focused or simply exposure-based. We’ll work together with you every step to ensure we’re hitting those goals together.