YouTube Views

Get Over 1,000 YouTube Views per Week

If you have been creating Youtube videos and wondering how to get more YouTube views, this post is for you. We intend to provide you with the method to get over 1,000 views per week on your Youtube Channel for your music.

Create Engaging Content


Creating an engaging content is the best way to get more viewers per week on YouTube. The more people like what they see, the more likely they are to even subscribe, share, and spend time watching your music videos.

Make sure your music videos are at least three minutes long. If your video is shorter than that, it might not be long enough to leave an impact on the viewer’s mind.


Optimize Your Video Title and Description

The title of your music video should be short, catchy, and unique. Make sure it conveys what your music video is all about so that viewers can understand what they will see once they click on it. The description should be written engagingly, giving the viewer an idea of what they will see when they click the video link. It’s also advisable to include keywords in both areas if possible so that people can easily find your videos when searching for specific content online.


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